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Question: Is LS Cream available in Canada?

Answer: Yes, LS Cream is available in Quebec and is sold in SAQ liquor stores. You can find our product page on the store's website here


Question: Is LS Cream available in other states/provinces?

Answer: We are working on making LS Cream available in other parts of the country soon. To help us achieve this goal, please contact your nearest liquor store and request for LS Cream to be on their shelves. 


Question: Do I need to refrigerate after opening my bottle?

Answer: No, you don’t need to refrigerate your bottle of LS Cream after opening it.


Question: I’m having a hard time opening my bottle, what should I do?

Answer: Sugar build up might have been lodge in between the cap making it harder to open. If you’re having a hard time twisting the cap on your bottle of LS Cream, put the cap under hot water for a few seconds.


Question: How much sugar is there in one serving (30ml) of LS Cream?

Answer: There is 8,27 g of sugar in a serving (30ml) of LS Cream.


Question: Can I put LS Cream in the freezer?

Answer: Freezing LS Cream is not advised. When thawing the liquid is likely to separate, resulting in a texture that is not very pleasant for drinking.


Question: What are the ingredients in LS Cream?

Answer: The ingredients are Cream, Sugar, Neutral Grain Spirits, Maltodextrin, Milk Proteins, Natural flavors, Caramel color l, Socium Hydroxide (processing aid) and Reverse Osmosis Water.


Question: Does LS Cream have any allergens?

Answer: Milk is the only allergen in LS Cream.

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