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Question: Do I need to refrigerate after opening my bottle?

Answer: No, you don’t need to refrigerate your bottle of LS Cream after opening it.


Question: I’m having a hard time opening my bottle, what should I do?

Answer: Sugar build up might have been lodge in between the cap making it harder to open. If you’re having a hard time twisting the cap on your bottle of LS Cream, put the cap under hot water for a few seconds.


Question: How much sugar is there in one serving (30ml) of LS Cream?

Answer: There is 8,27 g of sugar in a serving (30ml) of LS Cream.


Question: Can I put LS Cream in the freezer?

Answer: Freezing LS Cream is not advised. When thawing the liquid is likely to separate, resulting in a texture that is not very pleasant for drinking.

Question: What are the ingredients in LS Cream?

Answer: The ingredients are Cream, Sugar, Neutral Grain Spirits, Maltodextrin, Milk Proteins, Natural flavors, Caramel color l,

Socium Hydroxide (processing aid) and Reverse Osmosis Water.

Question: Does LS Cream have any allergens?

Answer: Milk is the only allergen in LS Cream.

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